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Ultimate Booty Rounding exercises and science for ladies

Perhaps you’re one of those people who have tried many Butt training programs or spent hours doing exercise, but still weren’t able to get that ideal, round shaped butt you have always desired or you didn’t even feel any load on your glutes during the training. To be honest, this is a very common problem. And if you already had experienced the same, then this article is definately for you!

In this article, I will explain you all the failures that stops you from achieveing a rounder butt that you ever desired, and I will introduce you to one of the best tools to ever use - the ankle weights, and also explain why and how to use them. (surprising, isn’t it?)

Read on to explore...

Why are the Ankle weights so useful to your Butt?

An ankle weight is a useful gear because, for starters, it is extremely affordable and so compact you can take it anywhere! And most importantly, with them you can do amazing isolating exercises , which prove to be highly effective during butt exercises. Don’t know what Isolating exercises are? No problem at all, I will tell you.

In this article, I will explain you all the failures that stops you from achieveing a rounder butt that you ever desired, and I will introduce you to one of the best tools to ever use - the ankle weights, and also explain why and how to use them. (surprising, isn’t it?)

Read on to explore...

Now I will tell you some of the benefits you can get by doing the isolating exercises.

When you need to get the most seductive butt, to achieve that kind of a mesmerizing shaped round booty that will magnetize a guy’s attention and you get to drink the whole night, totally free of charge with them in the club, you need to loose fat and build muscle (at once or after another), or just need to build muscle to raise your butt to its right place and make it look much more attractive.

But for doing this (building up the muscles or lifting your booty) we have to perform excercises like squat, and later on in this article, you’ll get to know why they’re so important, but for now, all you need to know is that these exercises will help you grow and round the muscles of your butt.

But you might face some problems while doing these excercises like squats, for an instance, if you just aren’t able to feel your glute while you’re exercising, but instead everything else, for example, your quads, hamstrings and so on.

(The reason for this might be: you haven’t built up the muscle awareness of your glute yet. That is some kind of a nervous connection to the muscles, which are receiving orders through your brain about what to do. And the awareness is built up by movements concentrated on that particular muscle, but it would really require some time, along with the much needed isolating exercises)

So how can we fix this problem or how can we put more pressure on our buttocks during exercise?

And this is where our tool, the ankle weight, comes into picture, along with the isolating exercises.

The Solution:before we start with the booty lifting exercises like squats,there is a need to pre-train our glute so that you butt would become more tired until the time comes to start with the exercises, and this way you will feel way more pressure and load on your butt during the training. Thus, the muscles will get more load and more impulse to round out, so that it catches the attention of all of the guys and makes them fall for you like nothing else.

And how you do it?... Here is the method:

This is a 30-day programe that I’ll be introducing to you , but first I’ll explain the background of this programme, so that you can understand and use it in a better way.

So you start with grabbing your ankle weight, a bit heavier one and doing 2 exercises five times(Taking no rest between the both) with the ankle weights.

The First exercise with the use of the ankle weights in a way that it pre-trains your butt, as follows.

very important: The first exercise is always a one joint exercise, i.e. only your butt muscle will be moving your hip joint, with everything else staying still, and only your butt doing the work (isolating exercise). After doing 10-12 reps, without having a rest in between you move forward to the muscle building exercises with the ankle weight on (Squats or exercises similar to squats).

  • You can do an ankle weight fire hydrant, doing 10-12 reps, and right after that, without giving any time to rest you can continue with sumo squatting again, doing 10-12 reps.

So the main benefit of using this technique is, when you get to the sumo squatting (the main muscle building exercise), your butt muscles will already be exhausted and so they will have to work way harder in the sumo squatting than the other surrounding muscles and so it will have much more pressure on it, thus rounding up like juicy rippen cherries :)

But it will actually work better only when you wear a heavier ankle weight, to provide extra pressure in the isolating exercise because, without enough load, the isolating exercises will be too easy and won’t provide your butt muscles with the right amount of pressure. Not even enough for a warm up.

And how does it look like after a 30-day program?

So let‘s get into the good stuff :)

As I mentioned earlier, you will do always two exercises in one set and between the two exercises no rest, just right after you are finished with both. As beginning 5 set, 2 times a week with the ankle weight will be enoughand take care, and don’t go overboard because as a woman, your body won’t produce a male muscle building hormone called testosterone (like the male body does), so if you load your muscles way more than required, your body won’t be able to regenerate your muscles because of the lack of this hormone. So take little steps, without doing too much, towards your goal of the perfect round butt. Only twice a week.

And my special SECRET for you, HOW to do the exercises:

And is very importantly: You will do the Negative Phase of the exercise for at least 5 seconds.

What is the Negative Phase?

An exercise consists of two phases. The POSITIVE phase is when your muscles are contracting against the weight (in your case, against the ankle weights) and a NEGATIVE when you stretch your muscles against the resistance of the weights.


For instance, the positive phase in fire hydrants is when you lift your leg on the side, while the negative phase is when you take your leg down, back to the mat/floor.


Here is the scientific explanation if you do need a proof, if not you can definitely skip this part:

The negative phase is the phase which tears your muscles apart and so causes micro muscle injuries on the muscle cells utilize the proteins.

Because your body doesn‘t want to have too many micro muscle injuries whenever you train again, as a survival instinct, it builds up bigger and stronger muscles, so that they won‘t have the same amount of muscle injuries the next time against the same load. And that’s how your muscles will protect themselves.

That means we should induce micro injuries on our muscles during training so that the muscles are forced to round up and come into shape. And the negative phase of the exercise will do this perfectly for you.

Of course, the micro muscle injuries are only caused by the resistance, which is why we need a heavier ankle weight and the main muscle building exercises, which always include squatting and other similar exercises.

And finally, this is the TRAINING schedule that your butt has been waiting for! :)

1st week - 2 trainings

Warm up is an extremely important part of the training, which you have to perform. Then during the first week, we are not going to do the two exercise - five times combinations, but just the isolating exercises using the ankle weight, for building the muscles up, providing them with awareness and kick to give a headstart to your body‘s regeneration process.

Exercise 1

  • ankle weight narrow rainbows
  • 10 reps for each leg, 2-3 times
  • 5-6 seconds NEGATIVE phase (not less)
  • One leg after an other, no rest, just continuous doing

During all of these exercises, you simply have to focus on what you think it WOULD feel like if you were squeezing the muscles tightly. It applies to every excercise and for every muscle contraction. !!

Exercise 2

  • kneeling, kick back on a chair
    • 10 reps for each leg, 2 times
    • 5-6 seconds NEGATIVE phase (not less)
    • One leg after an other, no rest, just continuous doing

Then exercise with the ankle weight kneeling, kick back on a chair – has to be done 3 times with 10reps - 5-6 seconds being the time for the negative phase, without a rest is better, but you can have a 30-second rest in between.

During the exercises, keep your focus fixed on the part of your body you’re working on, to help strengthen up the neural pathways that efficiently activate the muscle fibers you're trying to engage. It applies for every single exercise!

After the exercises do stretching.

2nd week - 2 trainings


  • ankle weight narrow rainbows - immediately right after - Sumo squats
  • narrow rainbows
    • 10 reps for each leg
    • One leg after an other, no rest, just continuous doing
    • 5-6 seconds NEGATIVE phase (not less)
  • Sumo squats
    • 5-6 reps
    • 5-6 seconds NEGATIVE phase (not less)
  • 3-4 sets (No more, that is enough)
  • 30-60 seconds of brake between the sets

As you see this is just one circut, but if you do not misregard the 5-6 seconds negative phase, your glute will beg for mercyat the end.


  • While you SQUAT: The more you’re going to stay on your HEEL, the more you will be applying pressure on your butt, and the more you stay on your toes the more you‘re loading your legs. So keep this in mind and stay on your HEELS
  • During the sumo squats:
    1. Stay in as wide stance as you can.
    2. in the negative phase, try to go as deep as you can
    3. In the positive phase try to stay up, but not fully, just up to a level of about 3/4

During the whole process, keep changing the sides of the leg you begin with, to always have fatigue balance when you‘re starting the sumo squats.

3rd Week week - 2 trainings

Circut 1:

  • ankle weight Side Kick with Bent Knee - immediately right after - Side Step-Up and Kick
  • Side Kick with Bent Knee
    • 10 reps for each leg
    • One leg after an other, no rest, just continuous doing
    • 5-6 seconds NEGATIVE phase (not less)
  • Side Step-Up and Kick
    • 5-6 reps
    • 5-6 seconds NEGATIVE phase (not less)
  • 3-4 sets (No more, that is enough)
  • 30-60 seconds of brake between the sets

Circut 2:

  • one leg glute bridge
  • 5 reps for each leg, 2 times
  • 5-6 seconds NEGATIVE phase (not less)
  • One leg after an other, no rest, just continuous doing

After the 3. week just lets further you development according to this scheme. The best way is, if you don't extend the amount of sets you do, but you move up the weight and the resistance.

And that's pretty much it.. Grab an ankle weight and achive that round booty you ever desired!

Weighted vest training for combat or Crossfit.

If your goal is to trim down and lose weight, or to absolutely destroy your competition in: wrestling, boxing, MMA, Crossfit, or in whatever kind of hard sport – then you needthe tool that will take your training intensity to another level.

Whatever your discipline may be; a quality, easy to use, and form-fitting weighted vest will help your translate your training into lightning fast movements in the arena, on the mat - or even in the street.

There is a training circuit attached to this article that has been handcrafted to model the exact movements you would find yourself in, if you were in a fight. If done properly, this circuit will help you with speed, agility, timing and frequency. Practice doesn’t make perfect; perfect practice makes perfect execution.

Read on to explore...

When you create your own training circut it is unbelievably crucial to train exactly the movements that you would perform in your discipline, because that is what develops your fighting performance, your movements in fight the most efficiant way.

And that is what separates a fighter from a killing machine. And this is why a weighted vest is necessary for training because you can add extra resistance to these movements, and elevate your resistance from training to training to keep you practicing perfectly with added resistance! It is time for you to meet: theMIR® PRO.

What makes the MIR® PRO a weighted vest that stands out amongst other weighted vests?

  1. Fully functional weights can be packed all the way up to 140lbs for maximum strength and endurance training.
  2. never a need to re-adjust. due to fully adjustable, multi-strap system for full body contour: the vest wont slide around, the straps don’t poke out the side getting in your way, straps stay locked in place so that there is
  3. Never any bouncing on chest or neck due to ingeniously placed mid-chest belt.
  4. Dual layer design with the top maxing out at 55lbs and bottom at 85lbs.
  5. Reinforced padding to make sure weights wont pull down on neck, preventing soreness of the traps.

The science behind this circuit training & how the features of the MIR® PRO will help you smash through your goals.

To build a body capable of being at peak physical performance while in the Arena, we must train to achieve:

  1. Maximum hypertrophy in all muscle cells.
  2. Development of the central nervous system for better muscular coordination.
  3. Maximal development of our oxygen transport system and cardiovascular system that help feed muscles.
  4. Seamless ATP production in our muscle cells.

Combat sports athletes are always looking to strike faster, strike harder and above all: move faster. To progress in their sport, more and more time is spent in the gym going through routines and circuits until they are lightning fast. Although, regardless of how many more reps are added, muscles don’t grow efficiently, ATP production, and the oxygen transport system cannot reach maximum capacity unless heavy resistance is added to the workout, and practice with your exercises those exact movements you do when you are in competition.

Bodybuilders and power-lifters are able to add five or ten pounds to barbells and pick up heavier dumbbells to create immense muscular development for their sport. Combat athletes and Crossfitters don’t simply lie down on a bench, or curl up a dumbbell. You need to be stronger and faster in far more complicated movements, which can’t always have weight added to it, even though these movements could truly benefit from resistance training. This is why it is necessary to get yourself a weighted vest if you are a combat athlete.

Often weighted vests come in one size, one shape and one weight. The MIR® PRO is not like any other weighted vest. It adjusts and therefore sticks to your body like a second skin. Athletes can easily add five pounds, or ten pounds to each workout to keep adding strength, continue to get faster and truly smash through every goal they set their mind to.

Follow this circuit below to best use the MIR® PRO to benefit training:

(or build up your one with the exercises, which are exactly the same movements you do in competition)

Round 1 -For basic fighting movements: changing levels (crouch, stand-up, jump), kicking, punching, pushing, snatching, pulling

The Circuit:

  1. Box jumps with weighted vest for core and quad strength for explosive kicking: 8-10 reps.
  2. Single arm pushups on a ball, as one of the best exercises for pushing and for incredible punching power: 5-8 reps.
  3. Pull ups with parallel grip for grabbing and snatch off your opponent
  4. 3/4 sit ups for core strength: 8-15 reps.

These exercises above are may be simple, but they are mimicing the movements what an athlete needs needs to do to win a fight. By adding resistance to every jump, punch, push and pull will increase power and stamina past where bodyweight exercises can. An opponent may not fall after 100 weak punches, but after one devastating blow…anyone will crumble.

If a round in your sport is let’s say 3 minutes, than you should do one circuit 3 minutes long and you should do the exact amount of circuits, as many rounds you have on a competition. Because you need to do the same on the training as on the competition.

Once the entire exercise can be finished in the time allotted just using your bodyweight, then it is time to strap on the weighted vest to complete the circuit in the same amount of time. Now with resistance, you can truly take your training to a more powerful level.

Make sure to always think about the movements you do in a competition and do exactly the same movements during the training -as your exercises- just against just with the weighted vest. Furthermore make sure from training to training elevate the resistance with filling up the pockets of the west with its weights.

The MIR® PRO allows you to gradually upgrade the resistance of any movement/exercise you do in a fight, from training to training. Barbells, single weights, machinces doesn’t allow you this, but the MIR® PRO is constructed exactly for this.

The Best weighted gears for serious performance!

Weighted Vests

A WEIGHTED VETS can add resistance to such movments/exercises, to those barbells, dumpbells, machines could never. That is why for combat athletes the WEIGHTED VEST is the deadliest wepon of choice to add resistance to the offense and deffense movments, you do in a fight.

Weighted Boxing and Shadowing Gloves

If you want to punch faster and harder you need to add resistance to your exercises. To develop your punch, there is no better exercise than punch. And to add resistence to the punch, there is no better WEPON... than getting the WEIGHTED GLOVES on.

WRIST AND Ankle Weights

To rock your running or other arm, butt and leg exercises, especially if you can not get into a gym, the WRIST and ANKLEWEIGHTS are handy gadgets to add some resistance to your exercises

Arm blasters

One key to musclegain are CORRECTLY DONE REPETITIONS against high resistance. This is what the ARM BLASTER gives for you. With the ARM BLASTER every repetition tears apart the musclefibers in your biceps, that after the training they will suck out every single amino acid from your veins, to get bigger, bigger and bigger. If it was GOOD for ARNOLD, than will be GOOD for YOU.