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Core Features

  • It isolates and stabilizes the biceps
  • The metal does not dig in triceps for the light padding
  • It maintains the correct curl formation
  • The adjustable strap is great
  • The material with thick gauge aluminum is well built
  • Cannon Curl is cheaper.

    Hy guys, I am Nick and I basically love to do arm wrestling very much and as I am using since a while this gear and without I wanted I gained 2cm to my arm and exactly 14% to my strength in the most biceps exercises, what is really cool in 76 days think (without filling up my glute and delts with testosterone enantat) I have been requested to write a review and my thoughts about what that is, how to use, basically my opinion.

    Do anybody have more questions?

    So in nutshell for an arm wrestler aficionado, brute strength is all that I need to boost up. Be it is for participating in any organized competition or just to be wrestling neighborhood champ, I have to develop my strength significantly.

    My regular workouts focus mainly on arm wrestling workouts such as dumbbell curl, barbell curl, front lever lift, and many others.The thing that impressed me is that this arm blaster doesn’t allow me to cheat at all by keeping my arms in perfect alignment. I get the perfect burn in my muscles within less time. .

    It was just within couple of days that I started to realize the difference. Like for example, previously I had to do dumbbell biceps curl for 4 sets 10 reps to get the perfect burn but now with 3 sets 8 reps I get the same burn. This biceps blaster Cannon Curl has even helped me to boost my size and strength. I used to do dumbbell hammer curls with 10kgs weight in each hand, 10kgs in right and 10kgs in left. But after using Cannon Curl, the weight increased to 15kgs in each hand. Similarly, for dumbbell biceps curls I started with 15kgs wearing Cannon Curl and it continued like this for many weeks.

    And within two months, I realized my development and now I lift as much as 25kgs. For EZ bar curls, I started with 10kgs for 1st set, 15kgs for 2nd set and 20kgs for 3rd set but after employing this arm blaster, now I lift 15kgs for 1st set, 2nd set for 20kgs and 3rd set for 25kgs.

    how to use the arm blaster

    great tutorial from Brandon Carter

    You can train with barbells and dumbbells in the weight-room, but that doesn’t always correlate to the same muscles needed in the ring; or you can train with weights in your gloves and create muscle building while still working on jabbing and your fierce uppercut! Try Amber Boxing Power weighted gloves, today!

    The neck pad and the padded elbow offer me the perfect stability, support, and comfort. This arm blaster really isolates my biceps to do muscle ripping curls and its thick gauge steel prevents them from bending. This arm blaster even aids to prevent me from employing delts while doing barbell curls. Cannon Curl just added an edge to all my arm workouts which I always wished for. The material doesn’t allow me to cheat even for a second during my arm strengthening workouts. It was just a matter of few days that I found my muscles to have grown more toned as a result of active muscle contraction. I only have to adjust the prevailing arch of this arm blaster to make it fit perfectly on my body around the neck. My strength has so drastically increased that earlier I used to do push-ups for 8 reps but now I do it for about 15 reps.

    I have prior experience of using arm blaster of cheaper brands and those were completely insane. Those were very incomfortable to bear and poor padding on the neck portion used to strain my neck much after rigorous workouts. Hence, I was in search for a good brand arm blaster for quite a long time and finally brought this Cannon Curl after following its features and reviews. And I could say that this arm blaster has worked exactly in the way I expected from it.

    Overall, Cannon Curl helps me to keep my arms snug against my body while I do standing curls. It is this arm blaster that helped me to build up the thicker, full biceps above my forearm. My strength and stamina increased impressively within much lesser time. The material just let me to keep my arms in perfect position thereby resulting in exclusive muscle growth.

    Pros of CANNON CURL Arm Blaster

    • The metal does not dig in triceps for the light padding

    • It isolates and stabilizes the biceps

    • It maintains the correct curl formation

    • The adjustable strap is great

    • The material with thick gauge aluminum is well built

    • Cannon Curl is cheaper.


    • This arm blaster might not fit all body sizes

    • It can be a bit uncomfortable on the ribcage as it offers much pressure over it

    • The equipment can put excess strain on the bodies with not a strong core.

    producers description - CANNON CURL ARM BLASTER

    Cannon Curl, the biceps blaster is manufactured by Core Prodigy. It holds up the elbows perfectly and allows maintaining the right posture while performing bicep curls. Users will immediately notice the absolute bicep isolation while curling with this equipment.

    • Cannon Curl is made up of thick aluminum gauge
    • The areas of elbow and neck are padded which offer stability, support and comfort
    • This product comes up with thicker padding on the neck pad
    • Users will be able to adjust the product according to their individual needs
    • The bicep blaster, Cannon Curl supports up to 50 pounds of dumbbell or curl bar of 100 pounds
    • The adjustable belt is constructed of heavy webbed nylon and the neck pad is of neoprene
    • The nylon strap is provided with double Rivets to fix it.

    Each man and even many women desire daunting muscles and Cannon curl can fulfilling this desire effectively. You just release the cannon instead of showing guns while flexing. However, it is not possible to construct an arm blaster that will universally fit every anatomical structure.

    An individual who has 40 inch waist, he or her elbows will support the body’s front further than an individual who has a waist of 30 inch. Along with this, there are some individuals who want to have the arms in their body’s front while others want their elbows to be back further.

    Like it is already mentioned that this arm blaster is made up of thick aluminum gauge and aluminum is lightweight, ductile and sturdy. The prevailing arch of this equipment can be modified according to the individual requirements. Moreover, there can be some users who would want less or zero pressure on the neck. This can be achieved by lengthening the straps to hang the Cannon Curl lower than the elbows. After this, the equipment has to be set in correct position before lifting the weight up. Now this will form huge slack with the curl’s strap and results in zero stress on the user’s neck.