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cap barbell 60lb weighted vest

Core Features

  • Huge 150lbs weight capacity.
  • Many places to add weights.
  • Excelent construction.
  • material doesn’t jolt.
  • Dentirely adjustable.
  • our review - cap barbell 60lb weighted vest

    Hello everyone, Its James, and here I am going talk about my experience of using this gadget the “CAP Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest”. With the gear I could go up in pull-ups from for 3 sets 15 reps with bodyweight, up to 3 sets 20 reps with 20kgs In 81 days, what is a quite good development and so I have been asked to do this review.

    to say in brief what are the key points it was a good stuff form me

    • its Heavy, breathable mesh design snugs quite well
    • the neoprene paddings makes it comfortable, even with higher weights
    • The vest comes with stretched pockets to add weights
    • It has buckles that could be opened fast
    • Additional pocket for mobile phones or MP3 player
    • It features some reflective strips for night runnings, what is not that important but a good idea.

    Great training ideas from Justin Woltering special forces trainier

    So I am wrestler, and so I need strength as well as muscle endurance at all levels and I needed something to add extra resistance to all of my movements and that’s why I bought this stuff on Amazon.

    Honestly the added weight that the vest provides is really very stirring. My workouts such as pull-ups, one arm push-ups, and pistol-squats have got a new domain with this vest. I don’t feel weary even after staying on the mat for long hours. I began with 6kgs weight in my weighted vest and it just rose to 15kgs within some weeks. I attained the power and endurance that I wished for. Like, I used to do pull-ups with bodyweight for 3 sets 15 reps but now I do as much as 3 sets 20 reps with 20kgs. The vest has helped me a lot in improving all my workouts.

    However, I am not a first time user of a weighted vest. I was using weighted vest of some other brand and was not at all satisfied with it. Every time I worked out wearing it, it paid hard to my back. The sand bags weight was really uncomfortable to bear and I just can’t take any risk for my body. Well, this was the reason for which I was looking for a great weighted vest that would provide me exactly what I want. I got many suggestions regarding many products and even came up with a final list of options after long searching on the internet.

    Going through the features and great reviews of this brand’s product, I was determined to give a try to it. Yah, I thought of giving a try as I had such a bad experience before that I couldn’t entirely rely on it too. But, man this is so damn cool. Within one week of using it, I started to realize that yes, this is it.

    I could easily put the vest in. It was not as all difficult as it sounds. I was so longing to see my real toned muscle and this CAP Barbell stuff did it. The vest has incredibly modified my workout routine. I started to realize within a week that my strength and endurance during wrestling has increased to a greater level. I have realized that motions I do on the mat as leg attacks, pushing and pulling, lifting the opponent on the ground or staying up with the him on my shoulder, doesn’t make me so exhausted and fuck its damn good, and it works great without getting too loose or tight due to its adjustable features. The price was not at all a concern for me while deciding to go for it as I think it is reasonable and worthy for what it offers.

    Pros of BODY SOLID Arm Blaster

    • The vest is comfortable to wear

    • It has many places to add weights

    • The construction of the vest is excellent

    • The material doesn’t jolt too much despite the absence of extra strap

    • It is entirely adjustable.

    It just forces my body for working harder in every movement, which it actually should do. Within the first week, I could feel more calories to get burnt during every weight bearing workout. Whether I am doing push-ups, barbell curls, pull-ups or simply running, I don’t miss to wear this weighted vest. I run 5 to 6kms every day wearing it and it just takes 35mins to cover. The difference is previously I used to take about 50mins to cover such distance but now the time has drastically reduced. Cool Stuff. I only have to adjust the straps to fit it tightly in my body. Though I take much time to put on the weights in the sandbag pockets as these are quite tight, I think there must be some technique to do it faster which I have to learn. But this is not an issue for me compared to what it ultimately provides me. I simply love this weighted vest as it just took my workout routine to an entirely different level acting as an extra workout boost.


    • There could be an extra strap to fit more snugly

    • Sandbag pockets are little bit tight

    • The vest might not be for all.

    I feel that the weight distribution of this weighted vest is reasonably natural. I am 6’ 1” tall and the length of the vest is good for me. But I wonder it could be an issue if I were short. Overall, CAP Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest is freaking great.

    I feel that the weight distribution of this weighted vest is reasonably natural. I am 6’ 1” tall and the length of the vest is good for me. But I wonder it could be an issue if I were short. Overall, CAP Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest is freaking great.

    Along with this workout routine, I even maintained a strict diet. My everyday diet included foods like grapefruit, toast with peanut butter, scrambled eggs, banana, cheese, vegetables and fruits salads, fat-free yogurts, brown rice and many other things. With CAP Barbell Adjustable weighted vest, I am getting better results with each day.

    producers description - CAP Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest

    CAP Barbell is a major provider and distributer of fitness materials which was started in 1982. The company started with small free weights with benches and gradually developed introducing above 600 products over last 20 years in ten categories. The company has it's headquartered in Houston, Texas and is pledged to provide good quality materials of fitness at reasonable rates. All its products are accurately tested, constructively designed and manufactured to perfection.

    CAP Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest offers an extra aspect to exercises. The material will render resistance to sports activities as well as cardio workouts. Both men and women can use this weighted vest. It is worn on the torso and offers different amount of resistance. The design of the vest is even great as it allows removing or adding weighted bars as per requirement. This heavy-duty designed vest is highly versatile and allows for wide range of workouts or exercises like rope climbing, push-ups, pull-ups and all others.

    CAP Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest comes in varying weights ranging from 40 to 150 pounds. The breathable mesh design of the vest completely fits the body. This vest is constructed with neoprene padding to make it completely comfortable to wear. It is uniquely designed to prevent any restricted movement at the time of workouts or exercises. The vest comes with multiple pockets where extra weights can be added. It is featured for both granulated steel shot and sand weight packets.

    CAP Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest assures to improve strength, speed, power, agility and cardio. There is no requirement of assembly, and it comes in one size that fits all design. The vest consists of buckles that could be released quickly. CAP Barbell weighted vest even comes up with a pocket that accommodates mobile phones or MP3 player. It is also offered reflective strips for extra safety while walking at night.