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dkn wrist and ankle weights

Core Features

  • 8 different sizes upto 10kg, to give the necessary resistance for your training
  • Extreme durable nylon material
  • Stays stable during workout, no shaking or slideing
  • Velcro strap for full range motion and for body conforming fit.
  • Fully suitable for shadow boxing jogging, running and so on.
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    Are you a boxer, who wants to keep getting better, but you keep hitting a plateau – no matter how long or how intense you train? Feel like you own your heavy bag, and can’t seem to make it any more challenging? What you’re looking for is the Amber Boxing Power weighted super bag gloves. These weighted gloves are the perfect addition to your gym bag!

    shadow boxing with ankle weights

    These gloves come with removable weights for a total of 3lbs resistance per glove to add strength, speed and power to your punches!

    These weighted gloves are made of a durable leather construction enhanced with gel enforced lining and multi-layer foam padding. These features provide a custom form fit creating a one-size-fits-most weighted glove. By going through your same fighting routine with extra weights in your gloves will help strengthen and tone your hands, forearms and shoulders while getting you ready for a fight

    The zippered pouches on the back of the hands conveniently allows for adding or removing of weights depending on the need for each training circuit.

    The double wrist fastener keeps the weighted gloves on your hands and not flying off as your punches become faster and faster.

    . You can train with barbells and dumbbells in the weight-room, but that doesn’t always correlate to the same muscles needed in the ring; or you can train with weights in your gloves and create muscle building while still working on jabbing and your fierce uppercut! Try Amber Boxing Power weighted gloves, today!

    Ankle weight workout for ladies.

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    producers description - DKN - wrist and ankleweights

    Are you looking to strengthen, tone, and add endurance to your walking, jogging, or running routine? Introducing the H&S® ankle weights! These high quality ankle weights will help add the necessary resistance to your training regimen, group exercise class or leisure walk!

    The H&S® ankle weights are made of a heavy-duty nylon material that hold the given weight securely and comfortably to your ankle. The strap also helps to keep the ankle weight from shaking or sliding up and down the leg.

    . The weighted boxing gloves also feature: Evercool mesh palm construction that promotes breathability for comfort and dryness

    The ankle weights come in 8 different sizes, ranging from 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, 5kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg depending on how much or how little resistance you may need!

    The versatility to this product is endless, because the H&S® ankle weights also double as wrist weights to help strengthen and tone your arms and shoulders as well!

    Make sure, if you’re in the market to take your workouts to the next level, that you stock up on more than one pair of H&S® weighted wraps!