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dtx wrist and ankle weights

Core Features

  • 8 different sizes upto 10kg, to give the necessary resistance for your training
  • Extreme durable nylon material
  • Stays stable during workout, no shaking or slideing
  • Velcro strap for full range motion and for body conforming fit.
  • Fully suitable for shadow boxing jogging, running and so on.
  • our review dtx wrist and ankle weights

    Hello everyone. I’m Natasha, and I have been asked for writing this review and how I feel, as I have purchased this products a half a year before and with training with them and following a quite strict diet, I could grow some serious muscle to my butt - that the guys in the collega can not get there eyes away - and could reduce the fat from it so now it is really cool So I’m 18 years old. The journey through college was exceptionally hard when it came to me, with bullying and everything because of the way I looked. But my life took an amazing turn when I started training, I could get rid of the fat from my buttocks and now I’m able to feel better about myself! I’ve become so much more confident when I go out, as I’ve turned so much more beautiful, and everyone loves me. I had never thought this would feel so good.

    I can’t help but notice how guys get entirely aroused whenever I go past them! Like they can’t stop looking my way, and I have been much more productive at school as well as at my job because I feel so much more alive. My butt is in a shape that is hard to miss, my legs no different than a model’s! I still can’t believe it is me whenever I look into the mirror, to be honest!

    Done correctly even men can have a hard time.

    Abdominial exercises with ankle weights.

    Today, I can proudly say that I have the largest friend circle around me. I have friends all over the college, and everyone loves to talk to me. I get compliments every single day for how gorgeous I look, and the boys just can’t keep their eyes off of my butt. I can say that after all the struggle, I was able to tone up the muscles in my legs and list up my butt, and when it all came into place, I looked like a totally different person. I started to accept myself more and more, and slowly I recovered and came up to my full potential. I became the person that had been hiding inside me for way too long.

    So it all was a result of the things I had done. After I had promised to myself I was going to get in shape, I had done a massive research, and it turned out that I had collected quite a list of all the workouts I could do to shape up and tone my butt and legs. It just seemed like it was missing something, and that’s when I came across these DTX Fitness Wrist/Ankle Weights. Going into the details, I found that almost every celebrity and model used these Weights during their workouts, and after reading everything that these weights were offering, along with the guaranteed and quick results, I had to add it to my cart.

    So these weights were generally bags of sand, and they were supposed to add load to the areas where it was basically required the most. It was supposed to be worn around the ankles, and the Velcro straps helped give support and hold on to my ankles. I actually felt the real burn and pressure even in the simplest exercises, and I knew this thing was working! As soon as the weights had arrived, I had been ready to start with the workout routine I had made to help me get in shape! So for the next three months from then, till now, I have been repeating this routine every single week, and from what I have gotten the results, I plan to continue for a long time! So here is that: >>>> click to check it >>>>>


    • I started off with warm up, just to loosen up my muscles and provide them with the flexibility to do the workout. Warm up was done by me every single day of the week.
    • Then the isolating exercises.
    • Kick back to the side, while kneeling, and then lift – 15-20 Reps. Negative Phase: 5-6 Seconds. No break in between.
    • Kick back on the chair while kneeling, and then lift – 15-20 Reps. Negative Phase: 5-6 seconds. No break in between.
    • Then I did some stretches at the end.


    • Warm Up.
    • Booty Lifts – 15-16 Reps, Negative Phase: 5-6 Seconds. No break in between.
    • Sumo Squats – 15 Reps, Negative Phase: 5-6 Seconds, No break in between.


    • Warm Up.
    • Booty Lifts – 15-16 Reps, Negative Phase: 5-6 Seconds. No break in between.
    • Rainbows – 15 Reps.
    • Lunge with the rear back – 8 Reps.


    • Warm Up.
    • Booty Press – 15 Reps, Negative Phase: 5-6 seconds. No break in between.
    • Booty Kickbacks – 8 Reps, Negative Phase: 5-6 seconds. No break in between.
    • Sumo Squats – 8 Reps.


    • Warm Up.
    • Booty Kickbacks – 15 Reps.
    • Booty Lifts – 8 Reps.
    • Stretches.


    • Warm Up.
    • Booty Press – 15 Reps.
    • Rainbows – 15 Reps.
    • Sumo Squats – 8 Reps.


    I eliminated all kinds of things from my diet which were high on sugar content. I mostly ate lots of green vegetables, and fruits such as water melon, bananas and strawberries, which helped in weight loss too. Strawberry and Banana smoothies were also a part of my everyday breakfast. Without a change in the diet, it is difficult to get the exact results you want, so don’t forget to change up your diet as required.

    Important Points:

    • The isolating exercises which I did on Mondays were very important, because these isolating exercises help your muscles to feel under load and pressure even before exercising. The more tired your muscles are, the more effective the results always prove to be, thus this will help get the results much more efficiently.

    • The negative phase is also very important during the exercise, as it helps cause micro injuries in your muscles. This forces the muscles to heal themselves, and consequently they build up stronger tolerance, thus strengthening the muscles up for effective workout.

    • I gradually went on increasing the intensity of the weights, as after some time, the muscles become used to the pressure, and we need to add further load for the muscles to be able to feel it. Thus I kept on increasing the weights from week to week.

    • Sunday was a resting day for me, as I didn’t want to exhaust myself way too much. But I still got the results I wanted. I suggest keeping a day free in the week to rest your muscles a bit.

    Pros of BODY SOLID Arm Blaster

    • They provide extra pressure while exercises, intensifying them.

    • Velcro Straps provide support and comfort during workout.

    • Are available in a wide range of weights to choose from.

    • One size is suited to fit all.

    • Well Made and High Quality.


    • Might be too loose for skinny wrists.

    • The Velcro Straps can be loose for some people.

    producers description - dtx - wrist and ankleweights

    Are you looking to strengthen, tone, and add endurance to your walking, jogging, or running routine? Introducing the H&S® ankle weights! These high quality ankle weights will help add the necessary resistance to your training regimen, group exercise class or leisure walk!

    The H&S® ankle weights are made of a heavy-duty nylon material that hold the given weight securely and comfortably to your ankle. The strap also helps to keep the ankle weight from shaking or sliding up and down the leg.

    . The weighted boxing gloves also feature: Evercool mesh palm construction that promotes breathability for comfort and dryness

    The ankle weights come in 8 different sizes, ranging from 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, 5kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg depending on how much or how little resistance you may need!

    The versatility to this product is endless, because the H&S® ankle weights also double as wrist weights to help strengthen and tone your arms and shoulders as well!

    Make sure, if you’re in the market to take your workouts to the next level, that you stock up on more than one pair of H&S® weighted wraps!