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h&s wrist and ankle weights

Core Features

  • 8 different sizes upto 10kg, to give the necessary resistance for your training
  • Extreme durable nylon material
  • Stays stable during workout, no shaking or slideing
  • Velcro strap for full range motion and for body conforming fit.
  • Fully suitable for shadow boxing jogging, running and so on.
  • our review h&s wrist and ankle weights

    Hello everyone, my name is Clarissa, from North California, and I have always had the passion to work out and get into the perfect body shape and I have purchased aproximatelly 5 month before these ankle weights and now my legs are now toned beautifully, with my butt pushed up. Every dress suits me, and I am now so confident about myself. I honestly am the happiest person on Earth right now!

    Obviously I was following a strict diet and have been recomended by my trainer to use ankle weights of this weight (because I just couldn't go to the gym for 7 months) and the combination of the diet, this ankle weights, the exercises, I was loving to do and have worked really well:)

    Some great ideas to train for ladies

    And an other reason for us to say "thanks" for good, that he created the best thing on the world: the ladies:)

    I always saw other women in the gym around me, and wanted to be like them. Their bodies were literally perfect, but now whenever I go to the gym, all the people come up to me and ask me about how I managed to do this. And because of how successfully this combination - of diet and exercises - was in achiving achieve my goals, I am glad to share this review about the weights and my best practices to help everyone out there struggling with their workouts.

    The struggle to achieve my goals in the last several months had been totally real. I took special care of everything during my training, including making sure that I was going through the negative phase. I did not skip out the isolating exercises either. My diet and my exercise both played an important role to get me here. I also took care to increase the intensity, which the ankle weights fully aided in. The different sizes available in these ankle weights greatly helped me in increasing the intensity.

    The party I went to last night was the most perfect night of my life. I got so many free drinks, as almost all the guys over there were asking me to dance with them. I also got so many compliments on how good my body looked in the blue dress that came only halfway to my thigh. It’s amazing how I can expose as much of myself now as I want, without worrying about anything. And if I start with the way the guys were looking at me? They just couldn’t keep their eyes off me, at all. All my friends looked jealous as hell!

    So It was said that these Ankle Weights were going to increase the intensity of my everyday exercises, and make them much more effective for quick and visible transformation. They featured Velcro straps, which helps grip our ankles in the best way possible, for increased comfort and support while exercises. One size was supposed to fit all, and they seemed to be manufactured in the best way possible, with high quality stitching and processes. There were several weights, ranging from 1KG to 10KG as well. They were basically bags made of Nylon, filled with sand as the weights, and we were to wear these around our Ankles/wrists while jogging, walking or any other exercise. I purchased them, and I was skeptical, but the results left me surprised as hell!

    Together, combined with my diet plan, which played a big role in this, I was able to get the body I have today. I did all the following exercises regularly, according to the plan that I set up, and thus I was able to gain the perfect body. >>>> click to check it >>>>>


    • I did workout every single day of the week before starting off with the exercises, just so I was able to loosen up my muscles and enable them to work out more efficiently.
    • The following are the isolating exercises which I did.
    • Kick back on the chair while kneeling – 15-20 Reps. Negative Phase: 5-6 seconds. No break in between.
    • Kick back to the side, while kneeling – 15-20 Reps. Negative Phase: 5-6 Seconds. No break in between.
    • At the end, I did some stretches.


    • Warm Up.
    • Rainbows – 15 Reps.
    • Lunge with the rear back – 8 Reps.


    • Warm Up.
    • Booty Press – 15 Reps.
    • Leg Curl – 15 Reps.
    • Booty Kickbacks – 15 Reps.


    • Warm Up.
    • Booty Kickbacks – 8 Reps, Negative Phase: 5-6 seconds. No break in between
    • Sumo Squats – 15 Reps, Negative Phase: 5-6 Seconds, No break in between.
    • Stretches.


    • Warm Up.
    • Booty Press – 15 Reps, Negative Phase: 5-6 seconds. No break in between.
    • Booty Lifts – 15-16 Reps, Negative Phase: 5-6 Seconds. No break in between.
    • Sumo Squats – 8 Reps.


    • Warm Up.
    • Booty Kickbacks – 8 Reps, Negative Phase: 5-6 seconds. No break in between
    • Sumo Squats – 15 Reps, Negative Phase: 5-6 Seconds, No break in between.
    • Stretches.


    • Warm Up.
    • Booty Kickbacks – 15 Reps, Negative Phase: 5-6 seconds. No break in between.
    • Rainbows – 10 Reps, Negative Phase: 5-6 seconds. No break in between.
    • Sumo Squats – 8 Reps.


    For the changes in my diet, all I did was throw out all the products which were high in sugar content. Sugar can really lead to fattening, which I didn’t want. Apart from that, all the fatty substances were kicked out of my diet as well. I tried to take in as much protein as I could, because it was an important part in building up my strength for further workout. Also, I did eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, especially the green ones. I took proper care of my nutrition and made sure I wasn’t lacking in anything. It is true that without changing my diet, I couldn’t have gotten to these results at all.

    Important Points:

    • It is essential to know the importance of the isolating exercises I am performing on every Monday. They cannot be skipped out, as these exercises help get your muscles worked up and tired even before the actual exercises, so that means they’d have to do much more hard work while working out, which will, in turn, increase the effectiveness of the exercises.

    • There is a negative phase supposed to be done in these exercises, and it is supposed to be at least 5 seconds. This is because the negative phase helps impose micro injuries on your muscles, and these injuries force your muscles to heal themselves. This helps make the muscles much more strong and thus they can then workout with increased intensities.

    • You should always take care to increase the size of the weights you are using as you gradually move on from one week to the next. This is because your muscles become used to those weights when they’ve been working out with them for some time. Thus if you want to get any changes, you have to increase the intensity and put more pressure on your muscles for the exercises to work out.

    • On Sundays, I didn’t do any workout, because I am a human and I need to rest! But really, you can have a day off all you want, but do the exercises with full motivation and devotion for the rest of the days. These two things are highly important if you want to get any results. Do not give up, and keep going. Motivate yourself as much as you can, and I wish you Good Luck!

    shoulder raises from push-up position with wrist weights - Brandon Farran

    producers description - EVERLAST C3 PRO - WEIGHTED BOXING GLOVES

    Are you looking to strengthen, tone, and add endurance to your walking, jogging, or running routine? Introducing the H&S® ankle weights! These high quality ankle weights will help add the necessary resistance to your training regimen, group exercise class or leisure walk!

    The H&S® ankle weights are made of a heavy-duty nylon material that hold the given weight securely and comfortably to your ankle. The strap also helps to keep the ankle weight from shaking or sliding up and down the leg.

    . The weighted boxing gloves also feature: Evercool mesh palm construction that promotes breathability for comfort and dryness

    The ankle weights come in 8 different sizes, ranging from 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, 5kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg depending on how much or how little resistance you may need!

    The versatility to this product is endless, because the H&S® ankle weights also double as wrist weights to help strengthen and tone your arms and shoulders as well!

    Make sure, if you’re in the market to take your workouts to the next level, that you stock up on more than one pair of H&S® weighted wraps!