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The MIR® PRO 140lbs Weighted Vest

Core Features

  • weight capacity is enormous 140lbs.
  • multi-strap system for full body contour.
  • No bouncing due to mid-chest belt.
  • Dual layer design for perfect weight distribution.
  • Dal layer padding for comfort.
  • In this weight category there is no better gear for combat and crossfit exercises !
  • Add resistance to your workouts with one of the most badass weighted vest: The Zfo40!

    If your goal is to trim down and lose weight, or to absolutely destroy your competition in: wrestling, boxing, MMA, Crossfit, or in whatever kind of hard sport – then you need the tool that will take your training intensity to another level. Whatever your discipline may be; this quality, easy to use, and form-fitting weighted vest will help your translate your training into lightning fast movements in the arena, on the mat - or even in the street.

    There is a training circuit attached to this article that has been handcrafted to model the exact movements you would find yourself in, if you were in a fight. If done properly, this circuit will help you with speed, agility, timing and frequency.

    Practice doesn’t make perfect; perfect practice makes perfect execution. When you train it is unbelievably crucial to train exactly the movements that you would perform in your discipline, because that is what separates a fighter from a killing machine. And this is why a weighted vest is necessary for training because you can add extra resistance to these movements, and elevate your resistance from training to training to keep you practicing perfectly with added resistance!

    mir weighted vest review

    It is time for you to meet:

    the MIR® PRO.

    What makes this gear stand out amongst other vests:

    1. Fully functional weights can be packed all the way up to 140lbs for maximum strength and endurance training.
    2. Fully adjustable, multi-strap system for full body contour: the vest wont slide around, the straps don’t poke out the side getting in your way, straps stay locked in place so that there is never a need to re-adjust.
    3. Never any bouncing on chest or neck due to ingeniously placed mid-chest belt.
    4. Dual layer design with the top maxing out at 55lbs and bottom at 85lbs.
    5. Reinforced padding to make sure weights wont pull down on neck, preventing soreness of the traps.

    The science behind circuittraining & how the features of the MIR® PRO will help you smash through your goals.

    To build a body capable of being at peak physical performance while in the Arena, we must train to achieve:

    1. Maximum hypertrophy in all muscle cells.
    2. Development of the central nervous system for better muscular coordination.
    3. Maximal development of our oxygen transport system and cardiovascular system that help feed muscles.
    4. Seamless ATP production in our muscle cells.

    These exercises just examples, you should to such exercises which are the most similar to the movements you mostly do in a fight.

    If a round in your sport is let’s say 3 minutes, than you should do one circuit 3 minutes long and you should do the exact amount of circuits, as many rounds you have on a competition. Just Because you need to do the same on the training as on the competition.

    You need to have the exact amount of rest between the circuts as in comptetion between the rounds.

    Once you can do the circut without more rest than on a competition and you can do the same amount of circuts as rounds on your competition, just using your bodyweight, then it is time to strap on the weighted vest to complete the same amount of circuits with the same amount of rest in the same amount. Now with resistance, you can truly take your training to a more powerful level.

    These exercises may be simple, but the movements model what an athlete needs to be doing to win a fight. By adding resistance to every jump, punch, push and pull will increase power and stamina past where bodyweight exercises can. An opponent may not fall after 100 weak punches, but after one devastating blow…anyone will crumble.

    Make sure to always think about the movements you do in a competition and do exactly the same movements during the training -as your exercises- just against just with the weighted vest. Furthermore make sure from training to training elevate the resistance with filling up the pockets of the west with its weights.

    Each workout you can add 3lbs, or even 5 lbs. This is what the MIR® PRO does for you, it allows for you to upgrade the resistance of any movement/exercise you do in a fight gradual resistance added in time. Barbells, single weights, machinces doesn’t allow you this but the MIR® PRO is constructed exactly for this.

    mir MiR Weighted Vest: How to put the straps on

    producers description - MIR SHORT WEIGHTED VEST

    This MiR Weighted vest comes with a full set of weights that can be adjusted from 3 to 60lbs to increase the resistance adeptness. For the purpose of weight loss, the removable weights are located high on the torso to protect the stomach from pounding as you run and also is delicate to the whole body while exercising. The vest is made of heavy-duty 1200D reinforced nylon, featuring double padded shoulders for added comfort, and mesh vented inside for breath ability. The padding is designed to be contoured to your shoulder for maximum comfort. The MiR Weighted Vests are completely adjustable for even more comfort. There are two adjustable straps that can be adjusted underneath so you can easily adjust the body length of the vest by sliding the straps up and down through the D-rings. To adjust the weight level, remove or transfer the weights from the packets which secure the weights with the durable Velcro weight closures.

    The new MiR weighted vests are designed for all purpose training.

    For Firefighters training and CPAT exam simulation:

    The CPAT (physical agility test) and the job require immense core muscle strength. Using the vest in your training is the best way to simulate the test requirements. Also, it can save you from any injuries that can occur when weights are not distributed equally during any exercise session.See more details at Firefighter's vest.

    For Trainee/Trainers:

    Did you know?The fitter you are, the more calories you burn all day long! Think outside of the box ?why stick with traditional weight training? Bring this portable fitness tool to any physical activity or program you are doing to max up the results. Fast track to professional fitness! Stretching and gaining strength at the same time is not hard anymore! Make it easy to improve your speed and agility in any movement. The MiR vest can be adapted as a work out tool to any activity, indoors or outdoors from yoga, aerobics, weight training, boxing, swimming, marathons, biking, mountain climbing and many more! Even hardcore military training. See more details at Trainer's Vest.

    For Runners:

    Our bodies are made for running and are very similar to how car is designed to drive. But if the car's alignment is off, you could do seriously damage to it when driving. The same theory applies to the human body?Making sure your muscles have the adequate strength, endurance and directional movement is critical to ensure that your body is using your joints correctly and allowing you to run in a natural form. See more details at Runner's Vest.

    Sport Lovers and Athletes

    If you are an athlete or sports team member, you will love how this great and powerful fitness aids in enhancing your training! Why? Using more weights in your training, allows you to easily gain more strength, longer endurance, and move quickly by adding more resistance to your body. It's an excellent aid for the professional level of football?In your next basketball game, try a jump shot with the MiR vest?Wrestlers/Boxers ?The MiR vest is great for maintaining your weight range. In your bodybuilding or routine workout group: Shape up with MiR Weighted vest in the most efficient, effective and economic way. Use the vest In any activity from home strength training, shadowboxing or cardio workout to increase your leg strength, body mass and aerobic capacity.See more details at Sport Vest.