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The MiR 50lbs Weighted Vest

Core Features

  • -11" (shoulder width) X 15" (upper chest) with total adjustable length.
  • -Double padding and lining throughout body and shoulder.
  • -All upgradeable individual packets can hold up to 60lbs.
  • -Mid-chest belt for maximum hold no bouncing and no shifting.
  • -Weights are loaded at top body front and back for optimum performance.
  • -MIR SECURE STRAP. (Optional)
  • our opinion - MIR SHORT WEIGHTED VEST

    Whether you train for combat sports, wrestling, hiking, endurance running, or CrossFit, the MiR 50lbs short weighted vest is the perfect product to accent your fast paced, explosive, and sometimes unorthodox movements! This MiR weighted vest comes with a full set of weights that can be adjusted from 3lbs to 60lbs that will help to increase the resistance in any exercise. For the purpose of weight loss, the removable weights are located high on the torso to protect from pounding on the stomach as you run.

    The vest is made of high quality heavy-duty 1200D reinforced nylon, featuring double padding in the shoulders and neck to contour to the body completely for added comfort and ease of use. The MiR weighted vest has mesh throughout for maximum breath ability and venting.

    The MiR Weighted Vests are completely adjustable that make it a one-size fits all product for even more comfort. There are two adjustable straps underneath the arms so you can easily adjust the body length of the vest by sliding the straps up and down through the D-rings.

    Crossfit Champions using MiR
    Weighted Vest

    To adjust the weights, it is simple to remove or transfer the weights from the pockets located on front and back, which secure the weights with the durable Velcro weight closures. If you are an athlete, you will love how this weighted vest aids in your training!

    Using more weights in your training, allows the athlete to easily gain more strength, more endurance, and move quicker by adding more resistance to your body. The MiR vest is great for maintaining your weight range. No matter what your fitness goal, invest today in the MiR weighted vest!


    • It stays in place perfectly

    • Alows full range of movement, proper for abs training

    • The vest is really comfortable and durable

    • It stays in place perfectly

    • The weights can added or removed very easily


    • The weights could wear on shoulders and traps a bit.

    producers description - MIR SHORT WEIGHTED VEST

    MIR Weighted Vest comes in a short length design and is ideal for those who just wanted the vest to offer more mobility and also whose everyday fitness exercises are cross fit workouts. The vest could be adjusted in different weights according to our requirements. This 60 pounds weighted vest features adjustable weights in 3 pounds increments to enhance the resistance adaptation. Moreover, the vest comes with a Velcro belt to make it fit tightly around the body.

    The MIR weighted vest consists of empty individual upgradable compartments to equip it with additional weights. The jacket is provided with double padding along with lining in the shoulder area and throughout the body. It is designed to load weight at the upper body front and back to boost up its performance at a higher level.

    . These removable weights are situated top on the torso for helping in more weight loss and protecting the stomach from pounding while running. This 60 pounds weighted vest is constructed with 1200D heavy-duty reinforced nylon. The double padded shoulder area is featured for more comfort and is even mesh vented within for breathing ability. This weighted vest is entirely adjustable to make it the most comfortable in every way. It comes with two straps that can be adjusted down. Now, this allows us to adjust easily the body length of this weighted vest by gliding the straps up and down via the D-rings.

    The level of weights of MIR weighted vest can even be adjusted by removing or transferring that are secured in the pockets enclosed with long-lasting Velcro weight closures. However, this product doesn’t come up with MIR Secure Strap. Hence, the overall features of MIR Adjustable Weighted Vest are:

    • The vest is of 60 pounds and can be adjusted in 3 pounds increment.
    • It comes up with one Velcro strap
    • The vest features 11” shoulder width and 15” upper chest
    • The material consists of double padding and lining in the shoulders and entire body
    • There are two adjustable straps to adjust the body length of this vest
    • The MIR secure strap is optional.

    If you are an athlete or sports team member, you will love how this great and powerful fitness aids in enhancing your training! Why? Using more weights in your training, allows you to easily gain more strength, longer endurance, and move quickly by adding more resistance to your body. It's an excellent aid for the professional level of football?In your next basketball game, try a jump shot with the MiR vest?Wrestlers/Boxers ?The MiR vest is great for maintaining your weight range. In your bodybuilding or routine workout group: Shape up with MiR Weighted vest in the most efficient, effective and economic way. Use the vest In any activity from home strength training, shadowboxing or cardio workout to increase your leg strength, body mass and aerobic capacity.See more details at Sport Vest.