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senshi wrist and ankle weightS

Core Features

  • 8 different sizes upto 10kg, to give the necessary resistance for your training
  • Extreme durable nylon material
  • Stays stable during workout, no shaking or slideing
  • Velcro strap for full range motion and for body conforming fit.
  • Fully suitable for shadow boxing jogging, running and so on.
  • our review Senshi wrist and ankle weights

    Hello friends! My name is Sarah. I have increased about 3.5 cm of my buttock size. Yes, that’s right and I am not kidding. After using these ankle weights wherever I go I become the centre of attraction and I get all the attention that all women desire. I see men lurking at me while I walk past them and all women want this kind of special attention. With proper exercise and diet this can be achieved. Read on to know my training program and diet below. I have used these ankle weights for a long time and because there was a visible difference in my body, I have been asked to write this review.

    Shadow workout. with ankleweights

    Sylvie the hard lady rocks.

    I am not an athlete or a sportsperson. I use ankle weights to reduce the fat on my thighs and to tone up my buttocks. I am using ankle weights since two and a half months and I perform various exercises like kickbacks and squats with it. And now, gap between my thighs is perfect and my buttocks and thighs are toned up. With the combination of the workout with ankle weights and a good diet I was able to have the perfect thigh and buttock shape that I wanted.

    I work out every second day to maintain the shape of my body. I was unable to concentrate much on my buttocks and thigh area because I am a student and I don’t have much time, so I needed these ankle weights to get the best results out of my workout. I talked to some of my friends about this and they too were facing the similar problem and I almost all the ladies I know have faced this problem of time. And even if your work involves lot of travelling, you can take these ankle weights with you while travelling and continue the routine exercise.

    Here I am going to share with you my exercise schedule and all the details which helped me tone up my buttocks. Keep reading!

    I have prepared my own exercise program and the diet plan too is my own, I have built it as per my needs and these plans are working really well for me. I never ever missed out anything from the below given plans.


    • Helpful in building muscle mass and increasing strength of the muscles in thighs and buttocks.

    • Can be easily worn.

    • Nice quality.

    • The metal rods are nice and heavy.

    • The metal rods can be easily inserted as well as removed.

    When we perform various exercises like lunges, squats etc. for strengthening our hamstrings and gluteus muscles, enough pressure is not produced on these muscles because we don’t use any weights while performing these exercises. And this is why we are not able to achieve proper shape of our buttocks and thighs. This is why the ankle weights play an important role.

    Now, it’s time for the most awaited part, the training program for a sexier butt and stronger thighs: >>>>click to check it>>>>>


    1. Warm Up!
    2. Narrow rainbows with ankle weights to the right leg / 8-10 reps no rest Bench step-up to the right leg / 5-6 reps no rest Narrow rainbows with ankle weights to the left leg / 8-10 reps no rest Bench step-up to the left leg / 5-6 reps
      • This is one circut. Do 3-4 Circuts. Between each circuits 60-120 seonds break
    3. Glute bridges – 2-3 times 6-8 reps
      • squeeze your butt at the top of the exercise for 2 seconds
      • let your hip back to the floor really slow in 4-5 seconds
    4. Stretching


    1. Warm Up!
    2. Fire hidrants with ankle weights to the right leg / 8-10 reps no rest Side lunges with ankle weights to the right leg / 5-6 reps no rest Fire hidrants to the left leg / 8-10 reps no rest Side lunges to the left leg / 5-6 reps
      • This is one circut. Do 3-4 circuts with 30-60 seconds of rest in between
    3. Sumo squats / 3times 8-10 reps
      • Let your butt down to the floor in 3-4 seconds, not less!
      • 30-60 minutes of rest between eac set
    4. Stretching


    1. Warm Up!
    2. Side-Lying Leg lift with ankle weights / 5 times - 10 reps for both legs / continous doing - no rest
    3. prisoner squats up to 70 counts
      • Obviously you will be not able to do the 70 reps at once for the first time, so where you need to have rest than let have a rest, as long as you need
      • Try to do as much as you can at once
      • Goal is, that some weeks later you will be able to do all the 70 without any rest.
      • 2-3 seconds negative phase
    4. Stretching

    Here are some stretching exercises that I perform after completing my workout

    • Seated pretzel
    • Supine cow stretch
    • Spinal twist in sitting position
    • Lunging stretch
    • Hamstring stretch ( dynamic or static )
    • These stretching exercises will reduce some amount of pain. So never forget to perform these exercises.



    For expected results, you must eat lots of fruits and vegetables, proteins, healthy fats and healthy carbohydrates. You must also consume atleast 3 to 4 liters of water each day.

    You must avoid processed foods, sugar containing foods.

    Also eat more protein containing foods like egg, meat and chicken because proteins play an important role in muscle building.

    When you do all these things, you will definitely see the results and your hips and thigh will look very attractive when you wear your jeans and people won’t be able to keep their eyes away from you. And now you don’t have to think about wearing bikini on the beach. Just flaunt your body and don’t hide it.

    Nowadays just working out is not necessary, but working out smartly is more important. I have seen a very significant difference in my body shape. It is worth a try. Thank you! I hope this article will help you.

    An other great Idea to get use of the ankle weights.

    Ankle weights workout with Laura Clendenning - check it out.


    • Not good for jogging and running exercises.

    • You need to wear a scarf or any other cloth around the ankles before wearing the ankle weights to prevent it from hurting you.

    producers description - MOVIT wrist and ankleweights

    Who doesn’t want a curvy figure and tight and round buttocks? So, I know all women like to be the centre of attraction anywhere they go and merely putting on good makeup and clothing isn’t going to work. You need to have a perfect dazzling body too. And to look attractive, the important part to work on is your butt area and nowadays everyone wants to have round butts.

    We perform many exercises at home or at gym for good looking buttocks but we often couldn’t succeed in our mission and there might me many reasons behind it. One of it is that the pressure on the gluteal area is not enough to tone them up and this is why, it fails to achieve proper shape. To increase the potential of the exercises that you perform, you need to wear the weights on your ankle which make your buttocks feel tense and this will help you make them tight and round as you want.

    The Senshi Japan ankle weights are the pair of weights which you can wear around your ankles while you perform various exercises like yoga or pilates or any other type which you like. It has a case which contains various compartments to put the weights in. The case is made of fabric and can be washed without any damage. There are twenty iron rods and each of them weighs 0.46 kilograms approximately. You can remove or insert these iron rods easily as per your requirement.