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The ZFO 40lbs Weighted Vest

Core Features

  • Snug fit composition
  • Reasonable prise.
  • Really durable material.
  • Comes with full set of weights.
  • Suitable for the most crossfit and combat sport exercises like PUSHUP, ROPE CLIMBING, RUNNING PULLUPS .
  • Add resistance to your workouts with one of the most badass weighted vest: The Zfo40!

    As an athlete you’re looking to increase performance, increase heart and lung cardiovascular endurance, and to create a huge set of muscles. By doing so – at the end of every fight: you will be the one victorious…not lying on your back facing the ceiling! Using a weighted vest is exactly like carrying a little extra weight, it is the same as weight training, but allows for the freedom of movement to train in your element – as a fighter! Using a weighted vest is a fantastic idea to use during training – or at least for performance training!

    And now entering into the picture: The Zfo40 weighted vest

    – this weighted vest is an outstanding addition to this perfect family of training gear; and even at an outrageously good price! Most individuals will worry that this weighted vest will shift or change positions as you move – that there is a need for constant readjustment, constantly halting progress. This particular weighted vest has straps conveniently placed across the abdomen as well as on the shoulders that are adjustable to tighten the weighted vest properly so that it will reduce movement and shifting while on. With these correctly placed straps, it becomes almost a second skin, moving with you, not against you - even during jumping exercises! Added features include: a secure MP3 pocket that will hold your music player for workouts, as well as adjustable weights from 0lbs to 40lbs!

    zfo review 100 burpies

    But how exactly can I get the most use out of my Zfo40 weighted vest?

    The Zfo40, is unbelievably versatile no matter what your sport is: CrossFit, Marathon running, cycling, etc. It can be used for a multitude of exercises most notably: push-ups, and one-arm push-ups, pull-ups, chin ups, jump squats, one leg squats, rope climbing. By having the weighted vest on while exercising you immediately increase strength and power as you continue reaching higher intensities due to the added load that you aren’t used to carrying. For boxers, a weighted vest is extremely helpful in improving mobility. Fighting and sparring with the Zfo40 an athlete will gradually build their punching range until it is quicker than a beam of sunlight! As well as the rotation of a fighter’s body will increase with ease using a weighted vest in rotation exercises so they can punch even stronger and faster. Although, there are shorter versions of weighted vests that may be more appropriate for abdominal exercises the Zfo40 does allow an athlete to perform abdominal exercises by twisting your crunching with added weight in the weighted vest.

    Wearing a weighted vest while performing complex movements is the equivalent of hoisting barbells and dumbbells for any other sport. But working out in a gym doesn’t correlate to most endurance sports, fighting sports, or CrossFit. Training with resistance on your body during complex movement exercise will help build the correct muscles in the right places to increase speed and explosiveness. The thing that sets the Zfo40 weighted vest apart from other is that it is a weighted vest that is worn like your skin. It moves when you move, it turns when you turn; it jumps and goes with your body like nothing else can.

    So, how long should I wear the weighted vest to get the most out of my purchase?

    1. . Check out the times to see how long you’ll be against an opponent per round for your next competition.

    2. . Make a list of the basic movements that you will move through for this competition. i.e. Boxing – punching, core rotation, changing levels, etc. Wrestling – changing levels, tie-ups, stand ups, sit out and turn, etc.

    3. Now that you have both, design a program that will force you to do the same amount of basic movements wearing the weighted vest for however long as you would perform movements in one round of your sport. i.e. Core rotation - 200 times, crouch - 100 times, move to the left, right, forward and to the back each 100 times.i.e. Clean and Jerk, Jump squats, box jumps, pull ups, sit ups, snatch, etc.

    4. . After this, you can increase intensity of your training by taking the weighted vest into the gym with you and perform your normal weight training exercises with the vest on, but the key is to do these in a circuit so your body gets used to moving fast paced in the weighted vest to build cardiovascular endurance!
      i.e. Clean and Jerk, Jump squats, box jumps, pull ups, sit ups, snatch, etc.

    5. Now that you have designed a circuit in the arena, and a circuit for the weight room, it is time to use the weighted vest as it was intended – with gradual increase in weights. Start with 5lbs and perform the circuits. When you can do so with ease, increase to 10lbs, 15lbs, 20lbs…all the way to 40lbs!

    ZFO Weighted Vest Instructions

    So if wasn’t clear, below is the final authority on why the Zfo40 is the perfect tool for your gym bag!

    Unlike other weighted vests that dig into your shoulders and neck making an athlete feel super uncomfortable the Zfo40 does its job to create fatigue, but never discomfort. It is a very snug fit that also forces the weighted vest to stick to your chest and not slide or bounce around to cause a slip in focus. The correct fit of a weighted vest is the most important aspect of this type of equipment. The makers of the Zfo40 made sure to pay special attention to this ever so crucial detail making it a supreme product in every sense of the word. The secret comes from an ultra durable material that will never rip or tear even when fully loaded. This material adapts to the form of your body. During exercise you will recognize that it is moving with you, not against you. You can completely add and remove all 2.5 lbs weights easily, even while wearing the vest in case you want to increase the weight mid set or perform drop sets while training! It does become more difficult and bulky as you add more weight, but isn’t that your goal? To challenge yourself so when you remove the vest – you can take on the world! Last but not least – all of these special features for an incredible price! The price and quality of this product makes it the greatest value for any weighted vest on the market today!

    producers description - MIR SHORT WEIGHTED VEST

    This MiR Weighted vest comes with a full set of weights that can be adjusted from 3 to 60lbs to increase the resistance adeptness. For the purpose of weight loss, the removable weights are located high on the torso to protect the stomach from pounding as you run and also is delicate to the whole body while exercising. The vest is made of heavy-duty 1200D reinforced nylon, featuring double padded shoulders for added comfort, and mesh vented inside for breath ability. The padding is designed to be contoured to your shoulder for maximum comfort. The MiR Weighted Vests are completely adjustable for even more comfort. There are two adjustable straps that can be adjusted underneath so you can easily adjust the body length of the vest by sliding the straps up and down through the D-rings. To adjust the weight level, remove or transfer the weights from the packets which secure the weights with the durable Velcro weight closures.

    The new MiR weighted vests are designed for all purpose training.

    For Firefighters training and CPAT exam simulation:

    The CPAT (physical agility test) and the job require immense core muscle strength. Using the vest in your training is the best way to simulate the test requirements. Also, it can save you from any injuries that can occur when weights are not distributed equally during any exercise session.See more details at Firefighter's vest.

    For Trainee/Trainers:

    Did you know?The fitter you are, the more calories you burn all day long! Think outside of the box ?why stick with traditional weight training? Bring this portable fitness tool to any physical activity or program you are doing to max up the results. Fast track to professional fitness! Stretching and gaining strength at the same time is not hard anymore! Make it easy to improve your speed and agility in any movement. The MiR vest can be adapted as a work out tool to any activity, indoors or outdoors from yoga, aerobics, weight training, boxing, swimming, marathons, biking, mountain climbing and many more! Even hardcore military training. See more details at Trainer's Vest.

    For Runners:

    Our bodies are made for running and are very similar to how car is designed to drive. But if the car's alignment is off, you could do seriously damage to it when driving. The same theory applies to the human body?Making sure your muscles have the adequate strength, endurance and directional movement is critical to ensure that your body is using your joints correctly and allowing you to run in a natural form. See more details at Runner's Vest.

    Sport Lovers and Athletes

    If you are an athlete or sports team member, you will love how this great and powerful fitness aids in enhancing your training! Why? Using more weights in your training, allows you to easily gain more strength, longer endurance, and move quickly by adding more resistance to your body. It's an excellent aid for the professional level of football?In your next basketball game, try a jump shot with the MiR vest?Wrestlers/Boxers ?The MiR vest is great for maintaining your weight range. In your bodybuilding or routine workout group: Shape up with MiR Weighted vest in the most efficient, effective and economic way. Use the vest In any activity from home strength training, shadowboxing or cardio workout to increase your leg strength, body mass and aerobic capacity.See more details at Sport Vest.